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Server Rules

Post by Therealdill12 on Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:55 pm

1:No RDM (Random death match) will result in a Ban  2:Do not break NLR (return to the area where you died )  3:Do not talk back or yell at any of the admins(might result in a ban)  3:No RDA(Random arrest) Will result in a ban5:Dont Ask people to make you admin(If you want to be staff fill out a application) 6:DONT ask people to approve your application, that will result in a instant denial( I will look at you rapplication and if I think you'll be good Il approve)   7:Dont mic spam or spam in the chat(2 warnings will be given and after that it will result in a kick)   8:Dont not prop push(will result in a ban) 9No prop climbing( 2 warnings will be given then after than will result in a ban) 9:Must type in RAID when raiding   10:Do not scam people(Like refusing to sell guns as a gun dealer)  11:Dont fail rp(example, your a cop dealing drugs)  12:Do not prop block(placing a prop infront of an area like a door, will result in a warning then a ban)

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